50% Full in Four Days

By February 4, 2016 Uncategorized

Four days is all it took for half of the student slots for our Hands-On classes to be taken. That’s right, we’ve got spots for just over 1000 students, and 50% of those have already been claimed.

In our previous seven years, we’ve never had that kind of a start to our Registration cycle. Suffice it to say that we’re a little surprised, a good deal impressed, and whole bucket full of excited. We already know we have some of the best instructors in the Fire Service volunteering their time and expertise. But the enthusiasm we’re seeing in our registrants assures us that we can also expect some of the best firefighters in the service who are eager to learn and grow.

If you haven’t registered yet, don’t wait much longer. If you’re sitting on the fence about coming, get your butt in gear. You won’t find this caliber of training at such a low cost to the student anywhere else. Remember, we’re all volunteer, and completely non-profit. This is about making ourselves better firefighters. And it’s about brotherhood.

If you’re part of that 50% that are already signed up, we’ll see you in May.


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