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We’re all pretty busy. Firefighters aren’t usually blessed with a lot of spare time. We work second and sometimes third jobs. So, suggesting that you pick up a book in your “spare time” might seem a little ridiculous. But hear us out.

Firefighters are firefighters all the time. It’s not really something you can turn off depending on your proximity to a rig or fire station.

Now, our suggested reading selections can make you a better firefighter, but if you’re always a firefighter, then it will also make you a better whatever else you are; father, daughter, husband, businesswoman, etc.

Sure, it’s a stretch, but it makes sense if you really think about it. And in the end your reading is an investment in you.

The first step is to check out our suggested reading. Surely books don’t scare you, right? And who knows? Maybe you’ll find something there that piques your interest.

MAFFC Suggested Reading


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