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May 2016

Another One In The Books

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Well, we hope you all enjoyed the conference as much as we did. There’s really nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of firefighters while we all get better at what we do. And it bears repeating a few things:

  • Without you the students we are nothing. Thank you for making MAFFC what it is
  • Without our sponsors and partners we wouldn’t have a conference. A big thank you to all of them for providing us the means to do what we do
  • Without our incredible instructor cadre there would be no exchange of ideas. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise
  • Without our all-volunteer staff you would have the ingredients, but no one to bake the cake. As one part (the website guy) of a larger group of dedicated firefighters, I want to recognize the sacrifice and hard work that built this conference

As we wind down MAFFC 2016 and prepare to begin work on MAFFC 2017, we want to let you know about a few things that we are working on:

  • We’re working hard on making sure everyone got the certs for the classes they attended, but please remember we’re all volunteers. We work at least one fire department job (maybe two) and work on this conference when we’re not putting food on the table or enjoying some time with our families
  • Pictures from this year’s conference will be uploaded to the website in the next week or two. Because we have so many training locations we couldn’t get around to every one to take pictures. If you’re willing to share pictures you took, email the website guy at