Our Tank Is Almost 3/4 Full

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Never before in the history of our conference have we seen classes filling up like we are experiencing right now. Here are a few of the stats as of today:

  • 575 registered for Hands-On classes (almost 3/4 full)
  • 226 seats in Hands-On classes still available
  • 13 classes are full with an additional 3 classes that are at over 90% full

All of that to say, if you were waiting on something before you register, you might not want to wait much longer. After only 5 days of registration we are light years ahead of where we were with regards to being full as we were this time last year. We always plan to leave registration open for at least two months, but this time around we might be completely full well before that.

Why is it going so fast? We like to think it’s the top-tier training we offer at rock bottom prices. We also like to think that it has something to do with the family atmosphere of our conference. In the end, we’re all just firefighters here to learn; the students, the volunteer instructors, and our volunteer staff.

How do we do offer top-tier training at rock bottom prices? Simple. It’s just a lot of dedicated people getting together to be better at what we do. No one with an agenda other than passing on what we know. And as always, every dollar we take in goes back into training our attendees. NO ONE gets paid. And if you look around at other conferences, that makes up pretty damn special.


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