Simply put, we are firefighters training firefighters. The Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference is an all volunteer group of firefighters, instructors and sponsors dedicated to bringing the best training available to our attendees at almost no cost. We aren’t corporate. We aren’t even a business. We’re just firefighters who like to train with other firefighters.



The mission of the Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference is to provide exceptional training to firefighters at little or no cost. We strive to provide a forum for the best possible training in the region utilizing top quality, nationally-known instructors as well as up and coming instructors. MAFFC is committed to these ideas and to promoting pride and professionalism at every level of the fire service.



Ten years ago, a group of firefighters from departments across Metro Atlanta returned from a large national conference and asked themselves how they could make the training they had received available to those who weren’t able to attend. In that moment, MAFFC was born. In eight short years, MAFFC has grown to a four day training event with an annual attendance in excess of 500 students becoming one of the premier firefighter training opportunities in the nation. We have attendees from all over the southeast and as far away as New Hampshire, Nevada, and Washington.


Word’s out. Our all-volunteer pedigree is something our attendees feel whether they know about it outright or not. There’s a vibe at our conference that you really just don’t get at other firefighting conferences. Ask someone that you know who has been. They all say it’s a little more family; a little more inclusive; a little more of the brotherhood.

And it takes a lot of people coming together to pull off something this awesome. This conference doesn’t happen without:

  • A volunteer staff that spends a whole year planning
  • Instructors willing to donate their knowledge and experience
  • Sponsors supporting us with equipment and resources
  • Metro Atlanta Fire Departments supporting us with muscle and machine
  • Dedicated attendees, many of whom return year after year

We hope you are one or more of those listed above. Get involved. Volunteer to be part of the planning committee. Answer the call for instructors. Donate if you can. Or just show up for class. All are excellent ways to support this conference.