C03 – Developing Hi Performance teams

2 hrs Classroom session, (Wednesday May 23rd, 0800 hrs)

This program will explore the methods of developing hi-performance teams such as how Seal Team 6 prepared for the rescue of two Americans held hostage in Somalia. This team trained for upwards of 18 months for scenarios which may never occur, however, they must be prepared to adapt to any situation. This same philosophy can be applied in the fire house through behavior modeling and applying the overlearning theory of not performing just until we get it right, however, performing to the point where we cannot get it wrong. The instructor will use his personal experiences developing teams which tore down generation gaps and created a legacy which still exist in the station years later. We will discuss the phases of team building, leveraging strengths and developing weaknesses. This presentation is for the individual who considers mastery the minimum standard for team development. 

Instructor: Brian Ward

Tags: Leadership