C04 – Tactical Ventilation: The ins and outs of opening up

2 hrs Classroom session, (thursday May 24th, 0800 hrs)

The evolving fire environment continues to accelerate fire’s reaction time to ventilation –  reducing our margin for error.  Greater emphasis must be placed on coordinating fireground operations and maintaining strict, positional discipline.  A tactical approach is needed to ensure any actions taken are always in support of the mission – preserving life and property.  This program will examine ventilation and its relationship with fire dynamics to explain how it actually impacts the fireground.  The common pitfalls will be identified and the associated misconceptions will be addressed.  A set of guiding principles and parameters, “The Four Tenets and Seven Commandments of Tactical Ventilation,” will be provided to establish a universal framework that will enhance the likelihood of success when engaging in ventilation operations. 

Instructor: Nicholas Papa

Tags: Truck Work