C06 – Command, Control, and accountability

2 hrs Classroom session, (thursday May 24th, 1330 hrs)

This presentation is aimed at all Officers, newly installed or promoted as well as those moving up the ladder to higher ranks.  Departmental responsibility and solid, enforced mechanisms of control will guide the presentation.  We will base our objectives on what it takes to be an effective officer and an integral part of the organization.  Discussed will be the utilization of command boards and how the Accountability Officer and Incident Commander can maintain a cooperative and effective approach to the critical priority of fireground safety.  Company and Battalion level integrity and accountability will be a focus and discussion in this regards will include proper decentralization of the fireground to maximize information gathering which allows an addressing of strategies, accountability and safety.  PAR’s will be discussed as well as Safety Officer duties and Rehab guidelines.  In addition, structural fire analysis as well as risk management and the role of the Officer will be covered.  The Officer’s role in supervision will also be addressed in order to meet our highest priority: Get ‘em in safe, work ‘em safe, and get ‘em out safe. 

Instructor: Anthony Avillo

Tags: Leadership / Survival, Safety, and Health