C15 – It’s what we do

2 hrs Classroom session, (Wednesday May 23rd, 1530 hrs)

When we pull out of the door for that alarm our only mission at hand is to mitigate the initial emergency and return back to quarters with the same number of personnel that we left with. But what happens when we don’t? Tragedies happen and will happen within our fire department. What’s the process for taking care of our members? What things need to get done? What do we do for their families in this time of need? This class takes a look at some real life tragedies of firefighters and how their members and its departments came together to make the best out of a horrible situation. During this interactive program the instructors will cover things that worked for making sure their members and their families received the best care possible, and how to properly prep them for the journey after discharge.
The objectives are to discuss the following:

  • Pre-Injury or death planning
  • Process for notifications
  • Hospital care & collaborations
  • Accommodating the injured/ deceased (Family Included)
  • Schedule and arrangements
  • Preparing for the discharge
  • Life after discharge or death

Instructor: James “Jimmy” Seavey Jr.

Tags: Survival, Safety, And Health