C25 – how not to kill a firefighter

2 hrs Classroom session, (Wednesday May 23rd, 1330 hrs)

The best safety equipment is a well-trained firefighter.  Is the training your firefighters receive sufficient for them to survive a fireground emergency?

This 90 minute lecture presentation looks at hostile fireground events through the lens of the company officer who is responsible for the proper training of their firefighters.  What kind of training and how often we should be training is an important consideration for the company officer.

“How NOT to Kill a Firefighter” takes the company officer through a discussion of three vitally important questions:
 What are the factors that contribute to a MAYDAY event? How does firefighter basic skills training directly effect the survivability of a hostile fireground event? How does the company officer get the crew to embrace repetitive skills training when we all know that the recliner is calling our name?

This class is suitable for firefighters at every level from the soon-to-be promoted all the way up through the “big chief.”

Instructor: Philip Adams

Tags: Survival, Safety, And Health