C36 – Save Yourself Firefighting: Implementing Cancer Reduction Procedures

2 hrs Classroom session, (Wednesday May 23rd, 1330 hrs)

Save Yourself Firefighting will outline the struggles and triumphs of implementing a cancer reduction policy and procedure in your department. It is important to all levels of firefighters to understand the importance of taking steps to reduce your exposure to cancer causing agents. It will encompass from the New Firefighter to the 40 year veteran, on how they can reduce the risk of getting occupational cancer. The session will include information and procedures on the changes made to the Huntley FPD Sauna usage and how it effects day to day operation as well as the after the fire decontamination process. It will also provide information from Europe and Australia on how they implemented Cancer Reduction Procedures into every part of fire service from station and fire apparatus design. It will outline much like fire, cancer doesn’t treat volunteer vs. career differently.

Instructor: Ricky Madsen

Tags: Survival, Safety, and Health