C37 – Full Contact Leadership

2 hrs Classroom session, (Thursday May 24th, 1530 hrs)

The fire, rescue, and emergency business is a business of humans interacting with other humans for the purpose of serving, saving and protecting a designated population of humans.  Before anyone became a firefighter, they were a human.  So, what we got is fire humans with human feelings organized to run around all over the place, serving, saving, and protecting the lives and property of other humans with human feelings. Women and men come to the fire service with different backgrounds and unique sets of life experiences.  The one thing that every individual brings to the fire service is feelings. Full Contact Leadership looks at leadership tools, strategies, and tactics for responding to, sizing up, confronting, and resolving fire human to fire human conflicts major and minor.  Further analysis and discussion will include how the proper utilization of these tools, strategies, and tactics will ultimately assure command, control, and accountability on the fireground.

Instructor: Anthony Avillo

Tags: Leadership