C38 – LIghts Out: Knowing The Way When You Can’t See

2 hrs Classroom session, (thursday May 24th, 1000 hrs)

Operating in limited or zero-visibility can be a daunting task, especially for a new firefighter.  So how is it that we can successfully navigate through a stranger’s home, often in the middle of the night, with our vision obscured?  How can we consistently make it to the room that’s on fire or locate the bedrooms to perform a search with relative ease? The answer is actually quite simple and almost everyone possesses the key information – they just have not made the connection yet.  It is all in the size-up.  Dwellings, especially single-family homes, almost exclusively follow a standard floor plan, based on a particular design.  Most people can readily identify and describe the different styles, as we have either lived in or visited these types of homes throughout our lives.  By identifying the design, as well as the construction features, we can determine the general layout and forge a mental blueprint to guide us throughout the operation.  This program will describe the different construction styles, showing a basic floor plan of each one, explain how you can pick apart the exterior of a building to distinguish between rooms, and how to improve your size-up.  Collectively, these skills will great enhance your situational awareness and improve your overall effectiveness and efficiency on the fireground.

Instructor: Nicholas Papa

Tags: Survival, Safety, And Health