C39 – How To use the incident command system effectively: Chiefs, directors, and supervisors, oh my!

2 hrs Classroom session, (Thursday May 24th, 1300 hrs)

In our ICS classes we learn to build the incident command system from the incident commander down. This approach to ICS often feels uncomfortable or burdensome when used in the routine incident like a room and content fire or a MVC with a single patient extrication. When the first unit arrives, and establishes command, they do not sit in the cab and begin diagramming the command structure; they go to work. The good incident commander that inherits these working companies must work coordinate and support those efforts to a successful outcome. This class will demonstrate how to use ICS to assume and build a command support system for the crews and incident from the first unit up.You will learn how to use the ICS structure to advantage and manage clear communication methods to let the companies get the work done! Participants will participate in a simulated incident and utilize radio communications to reinforce the principles taught in this class.

Instructor: Chuck Baird

Tags: Leadership