may, 2019

15may10:00 am11:45 amRIT for REAL: Lessons Learned from 400 Firefighters in Realistic RIT Training10:00 am - 11:45 am Session Type:ClassroomTime Slot:10:00AM - 11:45AM


Class Details

This class is about the detailed lessons learned from realistic, hands-on, rapid intervention training. 400 firefighters were put to the test in stressful training environments that challenged everything they have ever been taught. Firefighters were challenged in their basic skills, officers challenged in critical decision-making, and crews were challenged in their efficiency, choreography, and coordination all under realistic stress. This class provides the best practices on how to increase the possibility of a successful rescue by paying attention to the details in our training approach to RIT. The objectives for this class are to find the details that you, your crew, and your department need to pay attention to in how you train and prepare for a firefighter rescue. Seconds matter to the trapped firefighter. I\’ll show you how 400 firefighters from 16 departments learned how to shave valuable time by operating more efficiently. We will also discuss how to approach rapid intervention training properly and to dump old habits that are setting you up for failure. The purpose of this class is to pass on what was learned from large-scale training that went beyond the norm. Firefighters and company officers were put into realistic, stressful rapid intervention training situations. This forced many departments to make changes at all levels in order to be more properly prepared for firefighter rescues. The target audience for this class is everyone from the rookie firefighter to the policy maker. The lessons learned here pertain to basic firefighter skills, effective policies, appropriate departmental training procedures, equipment, leadership, and much more. Firefighters have very little experience in rescuing other firefighters so it is imperative that we train properly. The realistic hands-on training exposed many small areas of needed improvement and a few big ones among very good fire departments. Your department is no different as rescuing firefighters is very relevant to all of us.


(Wednesday) 10:00 am - 11:45 am

Speakers for this event

  • Paul Strong

    Paul Strong

    Battalion Chief, Valley Regional Fire (WA)

    Paul Strong entered the fire service in 1990 and is currently a Battalion Chief at the Valley Regional Fire Authority in King County Washington. Paul has been an educator in the public and private sectors for over 24 years. He has served as a training officer, medical program specialist, hazmat technician, and a rope/dive rescue technician. He is also an adjunct instructor for the Washington State Fire Training Academy as well as the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. Paul’s focus in education is providing energetic programs that keep the audience engaged through interactive participation and thought provoking delivery. Paul has well over two decades of delivering effectual classroom and conference programs to police, fire, and EMS personnel as well as private business leaders and industry workforce.

    Battalion Chief, Valley Regional Fire (WA)