H08 – The unbreakable engine company

8 hrs hands-on session, (Friday May 25th, 0800hrs) live fire, turnouts and SCba required

There’s no piece of equipment that’s saved more lives on the fire ground than the first line and a nozzle. This class will break down the blue collar basics of ENGINE WORK and draw off the knowledge and experience of various instructors from all across the country. The students will be provided with street smart tips to set themselves and their engine companies up for success. They’ll be taught various hose loads, tips for stretching the first line, forcing the door, nozzle flow and advancement techniques, and searching off the line. The students will get hands on reps with all of the above and then in the afternoon we will run through live fire scenarios where the students will have to couple everything they’ve learned together and operate as a crew to get the first line stretched, force the door, mask up, make the push, and then locate and remove a victim(s). If you want to hone your skills and make yourself “Unbreakable” this HOT class is for you!

Instructors: Chad Ian Menard and Jonah Smith

Tags: Live Fire / Engine Work / Search And Rescue / Forcible Entry