H09 – Hoarding: Working in the pile

8 hrs hands-on session, (Friday May 25th, 0800hrs) turnouts and SCba required

“Hoarding: Working in the Pile” is designed to give students an eye opening practical experience of operating in a hoarding condition on the fireground. Students will have the chance to build on their personal limitations when faced with a hoarding condition as well as some basic skills to overcome the challenges of working in a severely cluttered environment. Students will work through and feel first hand the added burden hoarding places on basic fireground skills such as forcible entry, search / VEIS, hoseline advancement,  restricted passage and air management. Techniques for working through these challenges will be introduced, honed and laid out for students to take back home to their own departments and share what they’ve learned continuing the MAFFC tradition of “Firefighters training Firefighters”.

Instructor: Will Heiney and Peter Morotto

Tags: Engine Work / Truck WorkSearch And Rescue / Forcible Entry / Survival, Safety, And Health