H13 – Preparing for the worst 2018

8 hrs hands-on session, (Saturday May 26th, 0800hrs) turnouts and scba required

“Preparing for The Worst” is a class that is modeled after LODD and Near Miss events.  We do not make up scenarios, we use real world cases and incorporate them in to our class.  The class is fast paced, with 8 different stations.  The building we use has been specifically designed to challenge both the veteran and novice firefighter.  Every firefighter will be on that “Call” in their career, whether it’s shift one or shift 1000.  Preparing for The Worst will give you the tools and confidence to understand your situation and how to make decisions that will protect yourself and your company. You will work through different scenarios as a team, and be instructed as you go.  Our Instructors come from all over the Country, and are all dedicated to providing a safe environment where our students can make mistakes and learn from their vast knowledge.

Instructor: Walt Jensen

Tags: Search And Rescue / Forcible Entry / Survival, Safety, And Health