H20 – Advanced Fireground operations: setting the stage for success

8 hrs hands-on session, (Saturday May 26th, 0800hrs) live fire, turnouts and scba required

Are you ready to learn what “doing more with less” really means?

The Henry County Fire Department is proud to present an 8-hour “Advanced Fire Ground Operations with Love Fire and All Hands Rescue” class.  This course is designed from the perspective of engine companies that are typically staffed with minimal personnel.  If you want to take a class that will cover multiple techniques and put them into play with live fire, then this is your class.  This course will challenge you both mentally and physically throughout the morning training sessions and the afternoon real-time, live fire ground drills which will encompass:  seat assignments and duties, size-up, V.E.S., forcible entry, hose stretch variations, fire attack techniques, ventilation practices, and search & rescue.  All afternoon evolutions will incorporate safe live fire drills, and active Incident Command System, and designated safety officers.  Each section will be taught by veteran members of the fire service with experience in performing within low-staffing emergency response systems.  Students will be provided with radios, thermal imagers, flashlights, and several fire apparatus to complete the real-time drills.

Instructors: Rodney Wiggins and Luther Phillips

Tags: Live Fire / Engine WorkTruck Work / Search And Rescue / Forcible Entry