H24 – calm, cool, and collected in chaos: focus skills for when everything is on the line

8 hrs hands-on session, (Friday May 25th, 0800hrs) turnouts, SCBA, and Eye protection required

How does your favorite quarterback maintain his composure when his team is down by 6 and there are seconds left on the clock? How does he remain calm and thread the needle through two defensive backs to pass for the winning touchdown? How does a police officer in a shootout remember to take off his/her safety before returning fire? How does he/she smoothly drop an empty clip and insert the next without the adrenaline rush interfering? And for us, how do we remember survival skills when we are lost in zero visibility and conditions are deteriorating. More importantly, how do we execute them; calling MAYDAY, activating PASS, controlling breathing, disentangling, etc. in that situation. This class will focus on teaching the skills which will enable you to remain calm in order to think clearly and execute those skills.   

Instructor: Bryan Reid

Tags: Survival, Safety, And Health