H30 – Flashover simulator

4 hrs hands-on session, (Saturday May 26th, 0800hrs) Live Fire, turnouts and scba required

The NFPA defines flashover as the near-simultaneous ignition of most of the directly exposed combustible materials in an enclosed area. When certain organic materials are heated, they undergo thermal decomposition and release flammable gases. Statistically, a firefighter caught in a flashover who is in excess of 5 feet from an exit, will not survive. The primary goal of this course is to provide firefighters with vital, life saving, pre-flashover warning signs in a live fire experience. This course will also discuss and demonstrate fire behavior as it relates to flow path, bi-directional flow path, door control, reading smoke, vent limited vs. fuel limited, and water application.  

Instructor: Hoke Smith

Tags: Live Fire / Survival, Safety, And Health