Instructor Philip Adams

Philip Adams has served for 22 years in the fire service as a member of Fulton County Fire and as a firefighter for the City of Sandy Springs. Along the way from tailboard trash to engineer, Captain, and now Training Chief, Phil has been proud to wear the firefighter’s badge. He has learned along the way the value of training and experience and sharing what has been learned with other firefighters. Phil can be found instructing at MAFFC, hanging around at GPSTC as an Adjunct Instructor for the State, and lurking in Sandy Springs as lead instructor for Sandy Springs Fire Department. Phil believes in haligan tools and strong work, training until you can’t get it wrong, and that a strong skill set is your best safety equipment.  

Instructing: C25 – How NOT To Kill A Firefighter / H17 – Aggressive Primary Search: One Chance To Get It Right