MAFFC 2018 Committee Member

William Voorhies – Marketing Lead/website

William Voorhies is a Battalion Chief with DeKalb County Fire Rescue where he has served for over 20 years. He is assigned to Operations Division as Chief of Special Operations. This is his sixth year with the conference in which time he has been both a classroom instructor and a hands-on instructor multiple times. As a committee member he pioneered the “I Know Someone Who Can Do That Section” and is now working in Marketing. He thinks that mole on his forehead makes him look like the bad guy in Beverly Hills Cop. Row well and live.

Keith Greenstein – Graphic Designer and Creative Type

Keith isn’t officially a committee member, but Bill wanted to share his bio page with Keith since so much of what Bill does is helped in some way by Keith’s abilities as a creative type. MAFFC has relied on Keith’s expertise for about four years now. Whenever we need a flier done, a t-shirt designed, or even logos, we call Keith. He is very successful and quite busy with actual paying work but always finds time to get us whatever we need in a hurry. He’s even been able to get us stuff that we didn’t know we needed before we needed it. Keith is a children’s book author, app creator, and advertising special forces commando. Check out his website if you have any doubts. Anyway, Bill and MAFFC appreciate the help more than we can express.