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The Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference is scheduled for May 15-18, 2019.

For those registered for classes, here is need-to-know information related to the conference, including what you need to bring, where to meet, and conference events.

Where Do Attendees Stay?

If sleeping on the floor of your second cousin’s den isn’t for you, MAFFC partners with hotels who have agreed to give us a reduced rate. For a list of partnered hotels for this year’s conference click here.

Transportion to classes

MAFFC will get you to your class in vehicles departing from the check-in site, and we’ll get you back. How you get from your hotel or second cousin’s house to the check-in site every day is on you. We tried to provide van service in years past, but people kept wanting to stop for food along the way. (Seriously.)

Where is the check-in location?

The Cobb County Safety Village is a training center that MAFFC uses as its hub. Students report to the Safety Village for check-in and “Day Of” registration, and all buses headed to hands-on training depart from the Safety Village. It’s also the location for all of our classroom training and our sponsor/vendors use the Safety Village halls to display the newest and best equipment. It’s located at 1220 Al Bishop Drive Marietta GA 30008.

Can I drive myself to my class?

No. All attendees must depart for the training sites from the check-in site on one of our buses. This ensures that all students are accounted for and are en route to the right location at the right time. Besides, some of these training sites don’t have what you would call “adequate” parking, and some of the instructors use the time on the bus to get things like the safety talk and other stuff taken care of so that when the parking brake on the bus sounds, we can get the training started as soon as possible.

What do I need to bring to my class?

Check the class description for exact details. However, if it is a hands-on class, you should bring everything you’d need to go interior on that awesome house fire or commercial building fire. Having more than you need never hurt anyone. But, checking with the class description is the best option, as some classes require workout clothes and apparel.

Is there lunch for my hands-on class?

Yes, all 8-hour hands-on classes come with a lunch included. The lunch is delivered to your site.

Does MAFFC supply an SCBA?

No. Bring your own. We can’t possibly supply every attendee with an SCBA.

Is there anything for purchase at the Safety Village?

Many of our sponsors set up tables within the halls of our registration site, The Safety Village. They display the coolest of their equipment and gear; much of which is available for purchase. It would be smart to have a few walk around dollars in your pocket in case you see something you can’t go back to your station without. Plus, #MAFFC2019 has t-shirts, patches and shirts for sale.

MAFFC sponsored events

MAFFC is excited about hosting several events this year. On Wednesday, join MAFFC at Red Hare Brewery in Cobb County. On Friday, MAFFC will host its annual bash night, located at the conference hotel. At the bash, we will have drinks, food, fellowship and, yep, raffle giveaways.

What is there to do outside of classes?

Great news. The official MAFFC hotel is located less than 1/2 mile from The Battery Atlanta, the home of the Atlanta Braves. You can find restaurants, drinking establishments, shops and entertainment inside The Battery. Have we mentioned the Braves are home the whole weekend? The Braves host the St. Louis Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers over the course of the MAFFC weekend.

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